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Now it is official! The Institute for Alternative Health Research has completed their research comparing colloidal silver products, and they concluded that Live-Silver has the SHORTEST KILL TIME and NO TOXICITY! Compare the popular brands. Click here.
silver vs antibiotics
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16 oz bottle Live-Silver

Our most popular product is the 16 oz bottle of Live-Silver

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Live-Silver nano ionic colloidal silver is the choice of medical doctors today.

From Dr. Lawrence W. M. D., Arizona: Dear Mr. Robey: "Your silver product is excellent. We test various brands and yours is superior...I would like to offer your products directly to my patients..." Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD is an American medical practitioner who adapts and espouses alternative medicine and heals patients worldwide.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson
Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD
Jane Winiecki
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Live-Silver Compared to Antibiotics
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Typical Healing of a wound using Live-Silver. Find out How
"The pictures are of the front leg under elbow. the injury happened with a collar caught under the arm for months. The stray cat was treated for 2 years by a vet with no results. I treated it for 4 weeks with Live-Silver. The first picture is about two weeks into treatment. The wound was about twice that big when I first began treatment 2 weeks before. It was so infected after two years of treatment by the first vet that the poor cat had tracks of pus draining down the inside of the front leg. The silver cleared that up in three days. The owners are delighted with the results. The previous vet almost had the owners convinced to remove the leg. I was the last chance." Dr. Diane, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). The second picture is the same cat after 4 weeks of treatment with Live-Silver. The skin has completely grown over and the fur is rapidly growing back. The discoloration is from wet fur.
cat wound
cat wound healed
A Miraculous Health Substance
A Miraculous Health Substance documents the amazing qualities of ionic silver including the ground breaking research of Dr. Robert O. Becker with ionic colloidal silver producing stem cells. Co-ordinates the work of many other medical researchers and the results of many users. 163 pages.
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When Healing Becomes a Crime book
When Healing Becomes a Crime
Exposes the overall failure on the war on cancer, while revealing how yesterdays "unorthodox" treatments are emerging as tomorrows medicines. This book will not only forever change the way you see medicine, but may save your life.
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Jane Winiecki--Director of Life Vessel Corporation

Hello Mr. Robey:

"We do not advertise that we use silver intravenously, but it is not a secret...we have found that Live-Silver seems to be more powerful than MSP. We use lower doses than we did with the silver with better results. It is very powerful and beneficial...Again, it only takes a small dosage to get the required results. They feel better immediately.

Nikki Moses
"I use your silver a lot in my practice...Your product is amazing. I use muscle testing here in my office, and your product tests wonderfully. I haven't found another silver that tests as well." Nikki Moses NC.
laser showing tindle effect
The Laser Beam clearly shows the superior tindle of Live-Silver. The higher and brighter the beam the higher the PPM and quality.
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