From the time virii were first discovered, hundreds of tests have been made testing the effectiveness of ionic colloidal silver on a specific virus. Of all the medical tests made, I can find no test in which the silver was not highly effective. None of these tests have ever shown ionic colloidal silver to be toxic or harmful in any way. It has repeatedly been shown in extensive testing to be effective against HIV-1, Epstein-Barr virus, every kind of flu, cold virus, etc. it was tested on . Yet the pharmaceutical companies ignore these studies, many of which are their own studies. These studies often begin with the premise, “We have nothing to combat this new virus with". Instead of testing colloidal silver on new virus they come up with a vaccine for the new threat, which is untested and usually proves to be of great danger, from the mercury preservative and the 200 unknown strains of live virus left after the stray virus are cleaned. Often live virus of the strain they are trying to inoculate for. Every new vaccine produced quickly to treat a new threat has eventually proven ineffective and many have had adverse reactions.

At the present we have an epidemic of Swine Flu. The pharmaceutical companies again say “We have nothing to combat it.” It is going through jails so fast some jails are on quaranteen lockdown with no prisoners going in or out. Some schools have been closed. The number of cases is growing at an alarming rate.

The FDA reports not one side effect on record in all the 115 years of the use of ionic colloidal silver, but they will not allow doctors and hospitals to use it even under these emergency conditions. One wonders ; “Why?” Could it be because it would wipe out so much of the pharmacitical company profits? For a heavily and extremely well documented authoritative report on swine flu by A True Ott, PhD, ND, go to

The bottom line seems to be that ionic colloidal silver will effectively treat any and all viral infections, including colds, all flues, herpies I &II and the list goes on. It seems it will treat any virus now known or future virus.

We continually hear from customers who report Live-Silver has treated their viral condition. when nothing else would or better than other treatments have