How does silver compare with antibiotics for infectious diseases? The following chart compares the qualities of the two as reported by medical researchers and users.

The little known but great dangers of antibiotics!

No record of detrimental effects.100,000 to 300,000 reactions a year of which 30% to 50% are fatal.
Users and researchers report highly effective results for bacterial, fungal and viral infections.Generally highly effective for specific bacterial diseases only. Some are effective for most bacteria. No effect on fungus or virus.
Accelerates healing No effect on healing
Reduces scaringNo effect on scarring
No record of a pathogen developing immunity in thousands of years of use.Pathogens commonly develop immunities resulting in 40,000 deaths a year in North America alone.
No known overdoseDosage must be followed carefully
No prescription requiredAvailable by prescription only
Usually works without exact diagnosis.Exact diagnosis often required.
Causes the body to produce dedifferentiated cells (Stem Cells) when needed.No effect on dedifferentiated cells.