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Live-Silver. You have read about the rest. Now buy the best proven tested Colloidal Silver on the market.
Robey is the leader for over 14 years in Colloidal Silver Research. Through a recent breakthrough in technology we now have a process that makes a true colloidal silver without tarnishing.(No more staining). Plus the smallest particle size on the market at .0013 microns.
Our unique process goes through several electrolytic stages that divide the particles into the smallest ionically charged particle size possible. Then our silver is treated with two health giving frequencies that make Live-silver the most effective Colloidal Silver product on the market. This process does not use any additives or proteins. We use distilled water and .999 pure silver electrodes. Testing results prove effectiveness against other brands. Kill Time and toxicity are the two main factors to consider when buying colloidal silver. Read More >>
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16 oz Candid-X Bottle
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When Healing Becomes a Crime
When Healing Becomes a Crime
Exposes the overall failure on the war on cancer, while revealing how yesterdays "unorthodox" treatments are emerging as tomorrows medicines. This book will not only forever change the way you see medicine, but may save your life.
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A Miraculous Health Substance
Documents the ten amazing qualities of ionic silver including the ground breaking research of Dr. Robert O. Becker with colloidal ionic silver producing stem cells, and coordinates the work of many other medical researchers and the results of many users.163 pages. Read about the author here
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