Customer Satisfaction/Return Policy

1) Any product purchased from Live-Silver and deemed unsatisfactory by the customer may be returned to Live-Silver for a full refund. If the customer has tried the product and is dissatisfied with it, it may be returned for a full refund, but Live–Silver reserves the right to refuse any future order from the same customer. If a customer feels for any reason a particular shipment is defective and wishes an exchange, Live –Silver may do so or refund the purchase price at its discretion. With the return shipment, the customer must include an explanation of the complaint.

2) Live-Silver is not responsible for shipping damage. We will inspect each product before it is shipped and insure it is properly packed. If the product is damaged in shipping you must address the issue with the carrier that delivered your product.

3) Any product may be returned within thirty days.

4) On Credit Card Orders a credit will be added to your card. We do not refund cash for goods bought on credit cards.


All shipments are made within two business days of receipt of order unless the order is unclear or improper. If the order is improper, an effort is made to help the buyer correct the problem. If this schedule cannot be met, the buyer is informed of the delay. If the buyer so informed chooses to cancel the order, the order is immediately cancelled and the payment is refunded.