JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) 04:29 1:827-835, reported that an extensive study completed in 2008 of THREE MILLION people, divided the participants into three groups; those that had taken no prescriptions for antibiotics in the last two years; those that had taken two to five prescriptions in the last two years and those that had taken six or more prescriptions for antibiotics in the same period. Participants were tracked for six years afterward.

Those that had taken two to five prescriptions had 27% increase in cancers over those that had taken none! Those that had taken six or more prescriptions for antibiotics had a 37% increase in cancers over those that had taken none! This certainly indicates a pronounced relationship between antibiotics and cancer as I said before these studies were published in my book “A Miraculous Health Substance”.

Unfortunately, this study does not take into account how many of those who had no previous antibiotics, did take antibiotics during the last six years. If we could illuminate those that had taken antibiotics in those six years from the first control group, would the results be still much more impressive?

A study by the National Cancer Institute and published in another major medical journal reported that the incidence of breast cancer DOUBLED in women who took more than 25 prescriptions for antibiotics or took antibiotics for more than 500 days in the last 17 years! This leads me to ask; “How many breast cancers were there in those that had no antibiotics even during those 17 years?” Again, these two studies certainly seem to point to antibiotics as a primary cause of cancer and the increase in cancer over the last sixty years seems to parallel the increase in the use of antibiotics. Of course, these are only two studies. However, they make sense.

As there is extensive evidence that a person with cancer is also suffering from other health problems that lead to the cancer, it is quite obvious that the antibiotics are leading to many health problems.

There is a well proven, highly effective and completely safe alternative to antibiotics without the many very dangerous side effects of antibiotics. It is not used to a great degree by the medical profession because it just does not make anyone rich! Some doctors are now using it. See the chart below. For the FDA report, Click here.
“But antibiotics are one of the most health promoting things we have.” Right? “What could we do without them?” Many will ask. Although antibiotics may save many lives under emergency conditions, I will show you that antibiotics CAUSE many illnesses, especially over a period of time. They are well known to weaken the natural immune system over time, thereby making users dependent upon antibiotics in the future. Now it has become reasonably common practice to suppress the immune system for various health problems, from allergies to organ transplants. This makes the patient entirely dependent on antibiotics for all disease resistance. But antibiotics only work on certain bacteria and not on fungus or virus. What if the antibiotics are the original cause of some of these problems?

Here is how antibiotics CAUSE disease:
In the not too distant past, most of the medical profession took the point of view that all bacteria, virus and fungus were the primary cause of disease. It has long been established by medical researchers , even going back to the time of Pasteur that the body was dependant on many kinds of bacteria for proper functioning and that if we kill them off, we will CAUSE disease. And yet, only in recent times have the medical practitioners in general accepted that fact. And even today, when that fact is well recognized, most doctors give antibiotics indiscriminately, often to be sure an infection does not set in or to protect himself from lawsuit.

There are basically two kinds of bacteria. Those that require free oxygen and an alkaline condition for their existence, as we do, called aerobic, The second class are those that require certain enzymes to supply their oxygen and cannot use free oxygen. These require an acid condition to grow in and are known as anaerobic. All plants and animals including fish and humans are aerobic, requiring free oxygen throughout most of their being. Almost all disease causing bacteria, fungus and virus are anaerobic, obtaining their oxygen only from certain enzymes. Aerobic bacteria are almost entirely related to building life and health. Anaerobic bacteria are related to disease, decay and foul odors.

Aerobic bacteria are essential to the production of many nutrients in our digestive system. Many of the nutrients we require for health are not contained in our food, even the best of raw organic food. These nutrients are produced from the foods we eat, BY AEROBIC BACTERIA in our digestive system. These bacteria are essential to good health. Without them we are nutritionally deficient. Although expensive nutritional supplements may correct some of these problems, the problems are often extensive and hard to analyze. To make matters worse, the anaerobic bacteria are busy producing toxins in our system. This condition eventually passes into our blood!

Many of the antibiotics we take kill off ALL of the bacteria in our digestive system. They kill the bacteria that are causing us a problem at the moment AND the bacteria we so much need. The attitude of most doctors is that those bacteria will easily replenish themselves, so there is no problem. The problem is the antibiotics often turn the digestive system acid and the alkaline loving bacteria which are so beneficial to us, cannot regrow in that environment while the unfriendly anaerobic bacteria love it. The anaerobic bacteria now have control and they continue to maintain their acid condition. The beneficial bacteria often can never come back. The commonest anaerobic infection which results is Candida Albacans, a yeast. However, it is never alone. Once it has moved in there are usually somewhere around 5,000 different varieties of anaerobic bacteria and fungus with it. This makes the condition especially difficult to treat. A treatment which effectively kills only Candida Albacans will not restore the health or keep the Candida out..

Now, instead of producing our nutrients, the Candida absorbs many of the nutrients we need before we can get them. Take more nutrients in the form of organic foods and supplements and the yeast grows fast, making the condition worse. This condition can eventually lead to all of the malnutrition conditions and diseases. It also produces both anemia and a very weak immune system by attacking both the red and white blood cells. The person becomes tired and weak.

Wherever an internal cancer can be found in one of the organs of the body, a fungus can be found in the blood which has mutated from Candida Albacans. The medical field has no effective treatment for this fungus in the blood or the Candida in the digestive system (or the cancer)

Will treating this fungus cure cancer? No. It may arrest the cancer growth. It is necessary to the cure of cancer, but in itself it will not cure cancer. It probably would prevent cancer. Candida is easy to cure and takes about five weeks in severe cases.

Candid-X is the most effective, safe product available for Candida Albacans as well as its 5,000 friends. It works fast in the digestive system and only a little slower in the blood. This must be followed soon or at the same time by live probiotics which are widely available. The medical profession has no effective treatment for Candida and its 5,000 relatives and therefore usually ignore it. Click Here for article on Silver vs. Antibiotics.