Nexus Stem Cells Nexus Article on Stem Cells & Colloidal Silver
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Now its official: The Institute for Health Research
has completed their research comparing colloidal silver products, and:
Live-Silver has the shortest kill time and no toxicity.
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Live-Silver colloidal silver is the choice of medical doctors today:
From Dr. Lawrence W. MD, Arizona

Dear Mr. Robey,

"Your silver product is excellent. We test various brands and yours is superior... I would like to offer your products directly to my patients, ..."

Live-Silver Compared to Antibiotics

Live-Silver Improves Healing of Wounds and Burns

Why Particle Size Is So Important in Colloidal Silver

What the Medical Establishment Will Never Tell You About Cancer This Information Could Save Your life

Candida is the number one epidemic in the US today! Many people fight this illness most of their lives.

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Live-Silver colloidal silver is the choice of medical doctors Today: Dear Mr. Robey, "We test various brands and yours is superb. ..I would like to purchase it wholesale." Dr. Lawrence W. MD, Arizona Live-Silver is also the silver of choice for Intravenous use by Life Vessel, Cottonwood, AZ.

Typical Healing of Live-Silver colloidal silver produces an abundance of the bodies own STEM CELLS. Find out How

Cat Wound Healed Wound

"The pictures are of the front leg under the elbow. The injury happened with a collar caught under the arm for months. The stray cat was treated for 2 years by a vet with no results. I treated it for 4 weeks with Live-Silver. The first picture is about two weeks into treatment. The wound was about twice that big when I first began treatment two weeks before. It was so infected after two years of treatment by the first vet that the poor cat had tracks of pus draining down the inside of the front leg. The silver cleared that up in three days. The owners are delighted with the results. The previous vet almost had the owners convinced to remove the leg. I was the last chance." Dr. Diane, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) The second picture is the same cat after 4 weeks of treatment. The skin has completely grown over and the fur is rapidly growing back. The discoloration is from wet fur.

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