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16 oz bottle Live-Silver

Our most popular product is the 16 oz bottle of Live-Silver

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Live-Silver nano ionic colloidal silver is the choice of medical doctors today.

From Dr. Lawrence W. M.D., Arizona: Dear Mr. Robey: "Your silver product is excellent. We test various brands and yours is superior...I would like to offer your products directly to my patients..."

Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD is an American medical practitioner who adapts and espouses alternative medicine and heals patients worldwide.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson
Dr. Lawrence Wilson M.D.
Jane Winiecki
Nexus article on Stem Cells & Colloidal Silver Click Here

Why It Is Essential For Silver To Be Ionic:

Live-Silver is ionic with a positive charge (+). In other words, it is a small but powerful magnet. Pathogens (disease causing bacteria, yeasts, fungus, as well as toxins) are negatively charged. Because of this, ions can attach to them like a magnet and sweep the pathogens out like a vacuum cleaner.
There are two basic types of bacteria: aerobic probiotics which require free oxygen and anaerobic bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen. The oxygen-loving probiotics are friendly to the digestive system and the body. They produce many of our essential nutrients. Without them we are deficient in many nutrients. These friendly probiotics have a positive ionic charge (+). They are repelled from the positive ion (+) magnet, so it does not harm them.
The anaerobic, unfriendly bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen have a negative ionic charge (-). They are like miniature magnets and are drawn to the positive ions with the force of a magnet. Then they cannot free themselves and can be carried out of the body.
The good probiotics are plus (+) and oxygenated while the bad bacteria are minus (-) and non-oxygenated. Like repels like. Opposites attract. In this manner the ions (+) easily differentiate between the good, necessary probiotics and the dangerous-disease causing bacteria. Non-ionic silver cannot do this. Virus, yeast, fungus and toxins are negatively charged and cannot resist the ionic charge. Non ionic silver has some effect. Non ionic silver at 2,000 PPM tests much less effective than Live-Silver.
Non-ionic colloids will stay in suspension for quite a while if the particle size is very small. However, the stability of a colloid is measured by its zeta factor, which is its ionic particle charge that causes the particles to repel each other holding them in suspension. Non-ionic silver has no such zeta rating and its ability to stay in suspension is not even rated.
If anyone can tell me why "some should be ionic but most should be non-ionic," I wish one of them would tell me why instead of just making a blanket unfounded statement. It is the ionic charge which attaches the bacteria, yeasts, fungus, virus and toxins to the ions, making them nonfunctional and carrying them out of the body. Taken as a nutritional supplement Live-Silver continually supplies ions. If non ionic silver will pass through the stomach and still be effective, ionic silver will pass through with at least as much ionic charge as non ionic.

The differences in "colloidal silvers"

A silver colloid can be produced by the slow electrical process of producing ionic silver or it can be produced by the fast, cheap process of precipitating a non ionic silver colloid out of a silver chemical such as silver nitrate. This will naturally produce a particle size down to two molecules of silver. This is not ionic and will be bound to some other substance in it other than silver which can prevent it from doing its job. Many products on the market claim very high PPM. Any product over 80 PPM is either a chemical or a mild silver protein. You do not want silver bound to anything. It needs to be free to do its job. If you want a chemical why not buy silver nitrate and dilute it yourself for a very small fraction of the price. It will burn the flesh and discolor the skin. The PPM can be very high, even into the millions very easily. The higher the PPM you want the less water you dilute it with. It is not safe at any PPM. It is not a colloid. It will usually warn against getting it in the eyes or taking more than a teaspoonful at a time. It is not effective at any safe concentration. Live-Silver is very safe in the eyes and people often use it for pink eye and other eye infections

How is Live-Silver Produced?

Live silver is produced by the slow electrolysis method. Then every particle of Live-Silver is broken down into about 1,000 particles. Each new particle is then ionicly charged giving it about 1,000 times as much ionic charge as most ionic colloidal silvers. Click here to see lab tests


Some silver products claim to be patented. If they are patented, they cannot be a silver colloid. No silver colloid can be patented. Colloids of silver chemicals could be. It is the non soluble silver chemicals which cause the discoloration of the skin. If the silver chemical were soluble it could not form a colloid. Please show me a few dozen independent studies of traceable sources for the effectiveness of any patented silver. None of the vast medical research done in the last one-hundred and fifty years can be applied to it. It is new and any medical research on it must be new and not applicable to any silver colloid. If they claim medical research from third world countries it is probably fake unless also published in U.S. or U.K. medical journals.

Deionized water

Most brands of silver are made with deionized water which is very pure. However, the chemicals used to deionize the water are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds. We prefer to use distilled water which is absolutely clean.

Stem cells

According to an article in Nexus Magazine, the ionic charge also makes it capable of producing stem cells in the presence of an injury, resulting in the healing of burns and wounds in about one sixth of the normal time and without scarring. Click Here to read the Nexus Magazine, July-August 2008 STEM CELLS AND COLLOIDAL SILVER based on Live-Silver. Also click here to see "Wounds."

Is ionic silver a colloid?

Is ionic silver a colloid? Absolutely! The standard test for a colloid is the light reflected off of the active particles and ionic silver displays this as well as any. See the test on the right. This has been the standard test for a colloid since colloids were first discovered. A colloid is defined as particles suspended in a liquid. Whether the particles have an ionic charge or not has nothing to do with whether it is a colloid or not.

The medical research on ionic silver

Dr. Robert O. Becker, research scientist at New York State Hospital, Syracuse, NY after 20 years of research stated, in his best seller; "The Body Electric" pg. 175: "We may only have scratched the surface of positive silver's medical brilliance. Already it's an amazing tool. It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues...the electrically generated silver ion...has restored my belief that full regeneration of limbs, and perhaps other body parts, can be accomplished in humans." Dr. Becker wrote a number of published medical papers partly on the subject of the "silver ion." (ionic silver)
Almost all biological experiments and research have been done with ionic silver colloids. None of the results of this research can be applied to anything except: ionic silver colloids. Click here to see medical research.

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Typical Healing of a wound using Live-Silver. Find out How
"The pictures are of the front leg under elbow. the injury happened with a collar caught under the arm for months. The stray cat was treated for 2 years by a vet with no results. I treated it for 4 weeks with Live-Silver. The first picture is about two weeks into treatment. The wound was about twice that big when I first began treatment 2 weeks before. It was so infected after two years of treatment by the first vet that the poor cat had tracks of pus draining down the inside of the front leg. The silver cleared that up in three days. The owners are delighted with the results. The previous vet almost had the owners convinced to remove the leg. I was the last chance." Dr. Diane, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). The second picture is the same cat after 4 weeks of treatment with Live-Silver. The skin has completely grown over and the fur is rapidly growing back. The discoloration is from wet fur.
cat wound
cat wound healed
A Miraculous Health Substance
A Miraculous Health Substance documents the amazing qualities of ionic silver including the ground breaking research of Dr. Robert O. Becker with ionic colloidal silver producing stem cells. Co-ordinates the work of many other medical researchers and the results of many users. 163 pages.
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When Healing Becomes a Crime book
When Healing Becomes a Crime
Exposes the overall failure on the war on cancer, while revealing how yesterdays "unorthodox" treatments are emerging as tomorrow's medicines. This book will not only forever change the way you see medicine, but may save your life.
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Jane Winiecki--Director of Life Vessel Corporation

Hello Mr. Robey:

"We do not advertise that we use silver intravenously, but it is not a secret...we have found that Live-Silver seems to be more powerful than MSP. We use lower doses than we did with the silver with better results. It is very powerful and beneficial...Again, it only takes a small dosage to get the required results. They feel better immediately.

Nikki Moses
"I use your silver a lot in my practice...Your product is amazing. I use muscle testing here in my office, and your product tests wonderfully. I haven't found another silver that tests as well." Nikki Moses N.C., Moses Nutrition Clinic, Glendale, California
laser showing tindle effect
The Laser Beam clearly shows the superior tindle of Live-Silver. The higher and brighter the beam the higher the PPM and quality.

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