Finger Nail Fungus

Picture of the fingernail fungus clearly shows both the fingernail and
the finger itself fully infected with fungus resulting in the fingernail
rolling up and peeling off the finger with exposure to the nail bed. 

After just the first treatment of Live-Silver the fungus was already
being killed off and after a month of treatment the finger was healing
fast. It took another two months for the fingernail to grow out
completely. See the photo to the right. The finger was completely
healed of all fungus and infection with just a few weeks of regular treatments of Live-Silver by soaking the finger for 20 minutes
several times per week.

Toe Nail Fungus

The pictures are from a  man  who had toe nail fungus and athletes
foot for years. He tried a number of remedies that did not work. After treating his feet, shoes, socks, floors and shower with Live-Silver for
about a month the toe nail fungus went away. After a few months his
toe nails had completely grown back with no infection or fungus. To prevent the infection from coming back he treats his feet once a month
with Live-Silver.


Fingernail with extensive      Same finger after treating
fungus infection.                   with Live-Silver.


Foot with toenail fungus             The same foot completely
and athletes foot infection.          cured of fungus and
                                                 athletes foot after using