Marvin Robey was raised on a small farm near Indianapolis, Indiana.  His father was a graduate of Purdue University in mechanical and electrical engineering. Even as a small boy his father taught him many things of science and engineering, as well as biology.  Having a woods and a small creek to play and study the wild life in, Marvin became very familiar with the friends and enemies of the fields, woods and streams.

Attending several churches, he found the ministers very antagonistic to any questions.  He could find no justice in the world: one person born rich, loved by all, healthy and wise while, for no apparent reason, another is born deformed for life or so poor as to starve to death and despised by all, even his mother, and another born dead.  Gradually he began to find it easier to believe in evolution and that all life as having no meaning and only accidental.

However, when he began to study single cell life he found that the simplest of life forms are very complex, requiring the ability to consume nutrients, convert them chemically into its being, excrete the waste and reproduce itself, all before it could survive as a life form.

A close study of the simplest single cell plant, shows it to have very complex and distinct organs, not entirely different from human organs.  The biggest difference being that human organs are much larger, consisting of many cells.  Yet the functions are similar:  Absorption of foods, conversion of those foods into the necessary nutrients, absorption of those nutrients, the ability to build those body parts, the ability to excrete the wastes, the ability to reproduce itself and the ability to transmit information from one part to another.  Each of these functions is separate and distinct from each other and must work in unison.  Until all of these functions are present, there can be no sustainable life.  Any concept that any life form could possibly develop by accident is well beyond the realm of possibilities.

Through several unplanned experiences which he considers of a spiritual nature, Marvin was forced to recognize the spiritual, as well as the material nature of all life.  He began to understand that it is possible for a physical life form to develop around an invisible spiritual life form and that all physical life does so.  There is extensive evidence of life forming through evolution.  However, he believes evolution of life could not have developed without spiritual guidance.

Marvin has come to believe that all life is in perfect harmony and justice.  Only through mankindís ignorance, arrogance and need to learn, he has drastically disrupted the natural harmony.  No place is this more pronounced than in the field of health.

It is the basic law of the universe that all life be in harmony.  That which is out of harmony with life is destroyed.  Thus what we see as sickness is only the outward signs of that which is out of harmony with life and will be corrected only by being brought back into harmony with life.  Allopathic medicine usually seeks to overpower the natural processes of nature and thereby achieve health without the harmony with nature, moving further away from that harmony and more and more force must be used in the form of drugs and surgery to prevent lifeís destruction.

The information in this book is intended for information and educational purposes only.  The opinions expressed are the personal opinions of the author only, except where the public statements of others are quoted.  Nothing herein should be considered as diagnoses of any specific ailment, condition or disease as every ailment is unique.

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