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Super-Charged Live-Silver is the most Powerful Silver made!

Bar none. Fastest Acting while protecting the needed probiotics. The most effective particle charge size, giving it the shortest kill timeaccording to the Institute for Alternative Health Research. So pure it is as clear as water but shows the laser beam of a strong colloid. If it is not as clear as water it is not pure. That is why Live-Silver is used intraveinously and the choice of professionals.

The Magical Magnet

Super-Charged Live-Silver has the highest electrical charge of any silver colloid (+) making it a small but powerful magnet. According to the Institute for Alternative Health Research, pathogens (disease causing bacteria, yeasts, fungus, as well as toxins) have a negative charge. Because of this, electrically super charged silver attracts disease causing pathogens magnetically, while repelling the friendly probiotics like magic. Opposites attract, likes repel. This is the same system the immune system uses to kill the unfriendly pathogens without harming the probiotics. In this manner the pathogens can be swept out like with a vacuum cleaner.

There are two basic types of bacteria: aerobic probiotics which require free oxygen and anaerobic bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen. The oxygen-loving probiotics are friendly to the digestive system and the body. They produce many of our essential nutrients. Without them we are deficient in many nutrients. These friendly probiotics have a positive electrical charge (+). They are repelled from the Live-Silver (+) like a magnet, so the silver does not harm them. Like repels like.

The anaerobic, unfriendly bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen have a negative charge (-). They are like miniature magnets. Negatively charged particles are drawn to the positive charge of super-charged silver with the force of the magnet. Then they cannot free themselves. This is the same mechanism the immune system uses to kill the diseases while protecting the probiotics. Most silvers have no usable charge. They are somewhat effective because they pick up some charge like static electricity.

The good probiotics are plus (+) are oxygenated while the bad bacteria are minus (-) and non-oxygenated. Like repels like. Opposites attract. In this manner the charged silver (+) easily tells the difference between the good, necessary probiotics and the dangerous-disease causing bacteria. Uncharged silver can not do this. Solutions are too weak to do this. If the particle size is as small as an atom or molecule it is a solution, not a colloid.

Our research has shown that the reason a colloid is so much more effective than a solution is because the molecules in a solution cannot carry enough electrical (magnetic) charge to be effective. A group of molecules forming a particle becomes effective in capturing the pathogens.

The smaller the particles the more particles there are, but when the particle size drops below .001 microns they rapidly loose their strength. Our experiments have establised a particle size of .001 microns or slightly larger, form the highest super charged colloid.

Silver molecules in solution, as well as many brands of silver have little or no charge and have little effect. According to the Institute for Alternative Health, Silver solutions at 2,000 PPM test much less effective than super-charged Live-Silver.

Non-charged colloids will stay in suspension for quite a while if the particle size is very small. However, the stability of a colloid is measured by its zeta factor, which is its particle charge. It is this charge which causes the particles to be held in suspension. Uncharged silver has no such zeta rating and its ability to stay in suspension is not even rated.

It is the positive charge which can attach to the bacteria, yeasts, fungus, virus and toxins. Live-Silver is non toxic and non staining and can be taken as a nutritional supplement to continually protect all of the body.

The differences in “colloidal silvers”

A silver colloid can be produced by the slow electrical process of producing positively charged silver particles or it can be produced by the fast, cheap process of precipitating a silver chemical out of a solution such as silver nitrate. This will naturally produce a particle size down to a molecule of silver. It will NOT be a colloid. Colloids are particles, meaning groups of molecules. And their combined charge acts very differently from solutions. Colloids and plasmas are a science unto themselves. They are referred to by colloidal scientists as the fourth state of matter, not acting like solids, liquids or gases.


Super-Charged Live silver is so pure it looks like water but shows the strong laser beam of a strong colloid. All pure silver colloids are as clear as water. If it is not as clear as water it is not pure. It may be a pure silver chemical or it may contain one or more of the silver oxides. It is these oxides that discolor silver products and the skin.


Many products on the market claim very high PPM. Any product over 80 PPM is either a mild silver protein or some other chemical form of silver. You do not want silver bound to a protein or anything. It needs to be free to bind to bacteria. If you want a chemical why not buy silver nitrate and dilute it yourself for a very small fraction of the price. It will burn the flesh and discolor the skin. The PPM can be very high, even into the millions very easily. The higher the PPM you want the less water you dilute it with. It is not safe at any PPM.

Silver nitrate including mild silver protein is a prescription drug because it is dangerous. It is not a colloid. It will usually warn against getting it in the eyes or taking more than a teaspoonful at a time because it is toxic. It is not effective at any safe concentration. Live-Silver is very safe in the eyes and often used for pink eye and other eye infections.

How is Live-Silver Produced?

Super-Charged Live-Silver is produced by the slow electrolysis method and as pure as water. If it is not as clear as water, it contains impurities, usually oxides of silver, which can be black or brown. Then every particle of Live-Silver is broken down into about 1,000 particles, which we have found to be the optimum size Each new particle is electrically positively charged giving it about 1,000 times as much positive charge as most charged colloidal silvers and about 96% charged. That is why it is “super charged”. Click here to see lab tests.


Some silver products claim to be patented. If they are patented, they cannot be a silver colloid. No silver colloid can be patented. Colloids of silver chemicals could be. But it is the non soluble silver chemicals which cause the discoloration of the skin. If the silver chemical were soluble it could not form a colloid. Please show me a few dozen independent studies of traceable sources for the effectiveness of any patented silver. None of the vast medical research done in the last one-hundred and fifty years can be applied to it. It is new and any medical research on it must be new and not applicable to any silver colloid. If they claim medical research from third world countries it is probably fake unless also published in U.S. or U.K. medical journals. Production processes can sometimes by patented. We produce Live-Silver by an important patented process and always have.

Deionized water

Most brands of silver are made with deionized water which is very pure. However, the chemicals used to deionize the water are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds and the bacteria are not necessarily removed in the process. We prefer to use distilled water which is absolutely clean.


Breaking the silver particles down into 1,000 times as many particles greatly increases the number of particles. The process is further controlled to produce the optimum partical size. No time is spared with Live–Silver in producing the finest quality colloidal silver possible. This is why Live-Silver is so effective.

Stem cells

According to an article in Nexus Magazine, as well as the research done by research scientist Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D. of New York medical University, Seracuse, NY, the positive charge also makes it capable of producing stem cells in the presence of an injury, resulting in the healing of burns and wounds in about one sixth of the normal time and without scarring. Click here to read the Nexus Magazine, July-August 2008 “Stem Cells & Colloidal Silver” based on Live-Silver. Also click here to see “Wounds.”

Is Super-Charged Live-Silver a colloid?

Is Super-Charged Live silver a colloid? Absolutely! The standard test for a colloid is the light reflected off of the active particles, Known as the Tindle effect, and Live-Silver displays this with the best. See the test on the right. Some claim to be a colloid but will not pass this basic test. You can test this yourself. A laser shows this best, but if it is clear a flashlight will display the tindle effect. If it is heavily contaminated with silver oxides or other impurities, the light may only display these impurities. Look for the dancing particles. This has been the standard test for a colloid since colloids were first discovered. A colloid is defined as particles suspended in a liquid. Whether the particles have a charge or not has nothing to do with whether it is a colloid or not.

The medical research on charged silver

Dr. Robert O. Becker MD, research scientist at New York State Hospital, Syracuse, NY after 20 years of research stated, in his best seller; “The Body Electric” pg. 175: “We may only have scratched the surface of positive silver’s medical brilliance. Already it’s an amazing tool. It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues….the electrically generated (charged)silver … has restored my belief that full regeneration of limbs, and perhaps other body parts, can be accomplished in humans.”

Dr. Becker wrote a number of published medical papers partly on the subject of silver (positively charged silver particles). Almost all biological experiments and research have been done with charged silver colloids. None of the results of this research can be applied to anything except charged silver colloids. Click here to see medical research